Lauren Harmon

Head Editor, History (Major) + Political Science (Minor)

The Mississippi University for Women has provided unbelievable experiences for me, and Merge has not been an exception. Over this year, I have worked jointly with Merge and the Office of Undergraduate Research, and these projects have connected me more to this university more than I had been for my previous two years. Did I fear the amount of work I was taking on? Yes, however, I have learned that I like creating something that I am proud of. Did I think I was going to fail? Yes, but it is completely natural to have those thoughts, but you can never let them harm your progress. Iā€™m thankful for the opportunities I have been graced with over the past year and I am sad to let this go. When I first talked to Dr. Whitehead, I made it clear that I wanted to make this my own, moving away from past boundaries and overall, be the overly-extra person I am (so I created this website). As my family, friends, and professors can attest to, I can be very driven when trying to accomplish a task. I apologize to those individuals that I have bothered, but you have all become part of this journey. I would like to thank Dr. Whitehead and the Ida E. Gordy Honors College for providing me this opportunity, the student editors and faculty reviewers that I bothered consistently, and those students that submitted to Merge after I convinced them it was not as scary as they believed. Overall, I hope I have grown Merge and left it in a better place.

Nathan Burgess

Editor, MATHEMATICS (Major)

The Mississippi University for Women has provided me amazing opportunities, including being able to work on Merge. I am thankful for the experience gained through editing the amazing research papers that came through. Each one I worked on was unique and interesting, and the writers who submitted to Merge have some real talent. I am also proud of the head editor, who has accomplished much and put much time and effort to get us all together so that we can get everything done to the best of our abilities. I am glad to have contributed to Merge and hope future editors will live up to our high expectations!

Tori Choate

Editor, History + English (Major)

Being an editor for Merge allowed for me to connect with my peers' undergraduate research and more fully understand the process of creating an undergraduate research project and to contribute to the collective effort and amazing opportunity that Merge provides.


Faculty Reviewers

Mr. Hugh Cooper, Department of Business (Accounting)

Dr. Nora Corrigan, Department of Languages, Literature, & Philosophy (English)

Dr. Travis Hagey, Department of Sciences and Mathematics (Biology)

Dr. Bridget Pieschel, Department of Languages, Literature, & Philosophy (English)

Dr. Chanley Rainey, Department of History, Political Science, and Geography (Political Science)

Dr. Melissa Smith, Department of Communication (Communication)

Dr. Kim Whitehead (Merge Advisor), Department of Languages, Literature, & Philosophy (English and Religious Studies), Director of Gordy Honors College

Mr. John Williams, Department of Business (Accounting)